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Advanced Rock Drum Beats Two (sixteenth notes)

This advanced drum lesson continues where the last one left off. If you haven't yet played the first set of advanced rock drum beats, go there before continuing.

Advanced Drum Beat #5

This beat brings back groups of three, and also the triple shots (hi-hats, snare, and bass drum on one count). Count through everything slowly at first, and be sure you play the steady hi-hat shots in perfect time.

advanced beat 5

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Advanced Drum Beat #6

Advanced variation six includes many off-beat shots. Although this beat may seem less musical than some of the others - it is designed to challenge your limb independence to improve your abilities to play future beats (which may be more musical).

advanced beat 6

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Advanced Drum Beat #7

Here is an example of an advanced beat that is also musical. The most difficult part of this beat may be focusing on recognizing the one-count. Once you get into a groove, the set of three snare-shots seem to really blend into a continous pattern. Just be sure you keep counting out loud and mentally focus on the one-count.

advanced beat 7

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Advanced Drum Beat #8

This variation may seem bland or simple, but don't let it's appearance fool you. It's quite complex to play, and even harder to "groove". Take your time with it, and don't skip past it just because it seems plain.

advanced beat 8

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Advanced Drum Beat #9

This beat is quite the opposite of the last. It may appear more complex and intimidating, but is actually quite simple. It doesn't include anything you haven't been able to play before (in some form of another beat), so it should be easier to learn.

advanced beat 9

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Advanced Drum Beat #10

Variation #10 is made up entirely of sixteenth notes - which should make this beat a little easier to play. However, the complex bass and snare drum shots will still be a challenge.

advanced beat 10

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Advanced Drum Beat #11

This variation is almost 100% off-beats for the snare and bass drum. However, there is an added bass drum shot on the one-count to mix things up. It also makes the one-count easier to recognize.

advanced beat 11

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Advanced Drum Beat #12

This final advanced beat includes a little bit of everything you've learned thus far. It it seems easy - that is because you have done so much work to get to this point. All the past beats have properly prepared you, and you are now an advanced drummer!

advanced beat 12

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When you are finished - don't forget to go back and practice playing the beats together. It's often far easier to play a beat repetitively on it's own than to transition in and out of other complex grooves. Challenge yourself with this, and you'll experience a whole new level of control. Then, you can move on to some of the other drum lessons.

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