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Bass Drum Independence Two (sixteenth notes)

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This bass drum independence lesson starts where the last one left off. The beats are designed to help you gain control and indepence with your bass drum foot. If you haven't already practiced and learned the original six beats, go check out the first bass drum independence lesson.

Bass Drum Beat #7

Beat #7 includes groups of three shots. The first includes all bass drum strokes, while the second starts with a snare and finishes with two bass drum strokes. Be sure you keep the groups of three clearly defined. Focus on leaving out the "a counts" for each set of sixteenth notes.

Some drummers may have a tendency to "swing" these notes, but it's important to keep them straight and in perfect time. Once you master the grooves as taught here - you can feel free to experiment with some note-value alterations.

bass drum 7

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Bass Drum Beat #8

This variation is sure to give your bass drum foot a workout. It's very "busy", but still includes some rests to mix things up.

bass drum 8

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Bass Drum Beat #9

Ok, here you are playing steady sixteenth notes on the bass drum. This is another beat commonly played on double bass drums or double pedals. However, it is still important that you learn to play it with just one foot.

bass drum 9

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Bass Drum Beat #10

This beat mixes things up quite a bit. The snare drum provides the steady pulse while the kick drum fills in with double or single shots. It's actually easier than it looks.

bass drum 10

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Bass Drum Beat #11

Variation #11 is very similar to #10, but the single bass drum shots are moved from the "and of two & four" to the "e of two & four". It'll be a little more difficult at first, but should come with time.

bass drum 11

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Bass Drum Beat #12

This pattern is the first quarter of beats 10-11, but played repetitively. It should be much easier now that you've played the previous two beats. However, I'd like to remind you to mix things up as you go. Combine these last three beats into two and four-bar phrases, and learn to smoothly transition in and out of the various changes.

bass drum 12

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Bass Drum Beat #13

Here is a fairly musical beat that will help you get additional control over your bass drum double-shots. It also includes oddly-placed snare drum shots to add difficulty.

bass drum 13

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Bass Drum Beat #14

Here is another musical pattern that is sure to challenge you. It starts out fairly busy, and then lightens up significantly. However, the quick bass drum shots and oddly place snare drum shots will definately assist in developing bass drum independence.

bass drum 14

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Bass Drum Beat #15

This beat combines a lot of the elements you've learned from previous grooves. It may not appear as a slight-variation, but the basic concepts in this beat have already been taught in the previous grooves. It should come fairly easily for you.

bass drum 15

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Congratulations, you've completed the bass drum independence mini-series. Jump back to the drum lessons homepage for additional challenging beats and fills. There you will find drum lessons that cover a wide variety of important drumming topics.

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