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Beginner Drum Beats Two (more variations)

Ready to tackle more beginner drum beats? Here are even MORE variations on the original beats covered in our how to play the drums lesson. If you haven't already read that article, go read it now. Also, if you haven't played the first beginner beats page, you will likely want to read that before continuing on with this section.

Drum Beat Variation #6

This beat is just a slight adjustment from previous varations. If you have been doing well with the previous material - this new beat won't be too much of a challenge. However, with that said, it is still important that you move through each variation properly.

The whole point of these drum lessons is to provide a smooth and "progressive" approach to playing the drums. If you skip these simple steps and move directly to much more difficult beats - you are more likely to get frusterated and lose focus.

beginner beat 6

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Ok, so with all that said - try the beat above and practice it as you have all the previous variations. Count out loud, repeat for several measures, and then begin to integrate it with other beats.

Drum Beat Variation #7

This next beat brings the first snare drum shot to the one-count. This may remind you of the second variation we covered a couple of lessons back, but you'll notice a difference right away. The last two quarter notes have been reversed to mix things up.

beginner beat 7

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Stay loose and have fun with this new groove.

Drum Beat Variation #8

This beat brings back the simultaneous snare and bass drum shots, but on the three and four counts this time. However, there is something much more interesting going on with this particular groove. Do you notice it?

The snare and bass drum patterns contain three steady quarter notes each. What makes it tricky is that they are off-set by a one quarter note. This is an excellent exercise for building simple independence between your snare and bass drum.

beginner beat 8

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This is a fun beat once you get it going. Work through it slowly at first, and then see if you can turn up the speed a little. Just be sure you can maintain the steady beat without tensing up.

Drum Beat Variation #9

This is the last variation we're going to do in this beginner beats mini-series. It includes something you haven't seen yet. Look at the fourth quarter note. That's right, it is just the hi-hat.

beginner beat 9

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This is another great beat for building independence. The snare drum is on three steady shots, and the bass drum is on a steady repeating pulse. Master this last beginner beat varation - and you've succesfully completed the mini-series. Congratulations!

Once you are finished with these drum lessons, check out the beginner video lessons on the FreeDrumLessons.com website. They cover interesting topics like: holding the drumsticks, bass drum techniques, drum set posture, warm-ups, and more.

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