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Rock Drumming Beats Three (w/ eighth notes)

Ready for more rock drumming beat variations? This lesson includes six new grooves for you to take to the kit. We're starting where the first rock drumming beats page finshed.

Rock Beat #6

This beat includes either the bass or snare drum on every eighth note. So, really focus on hitting each shot in perfect time with the hi-hat strokes. Assuming your hi-hat is played in time, the rest of the beat will follow.

rock beat 6

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Rock Beat #7

The seventh variation is one of the most musical beats in this mini-series. It is extremely popular in rock as well as Christian praise music. The second bass drum shot is on the "and of two", giving an interesting feel to the entire groove.

rock beat 7

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Rock Beat #8

Here we add a single bass drum shot to the previous beat. This beat also works well in rock and praise music, and can be used in coordination with variation #7 as a two bar phrase. Try playing them back to back once you are able to play them individually.

rock beat 8

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Rock Beat #9

Number nine is very similar to the sixth variation, but actually makes things a little more complex by removing one bass drum shot. When looped, this beat has a very interesting feel.

rock beat 9

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Rock Beat #10

To mix things up further, variation #10 doesn't include a bass or snare drum shot on the one or three counts. This may make it a little bit harder to start, but once you get it going - it should groove well. Just remember to count out loud, and really focus on feeling the one-count in your head.

rock beat 10

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Don't forget to mix things up and combine different beats together once you have mastered them individually. That's where the real fun begins. Try play a simple run by using beats like: 8 8 9 9 8 8 10 10, and loop that for a while.

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